Health & Safety Prosecutions

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) alongside local authorities bring many prosecutions against companies. Some are resolved with warnings or cautions, but all may well affect your business. This could impact on any applications for licences by your organisation. It can also result in bad press for your company. Recent statistics released by the HSE state:

  • HSE prosecuted 973 offences of health and safety with a conviction rate of 87%.
  • Fines totaled 12.9 million (15,153 average penalty).
  • Local authorities prosecuted 244 offences (90% conviction rate).
  • Fines totaled 2.1 million (9,528 average penalty).

  • These statistics do not include cases resolved out of court or those businesses subject to investigations. It could be estimated that thousands more businesses are involved in investigations that could have been prevented by training.

    Don't be a part of these statistics, consider your training needs today.

    [source: HSE, 2014]